Company History

1978       PAO-I METAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded with capital NT dollars twenty
                  million. The trade mark "CRESCENT" was registered and introduced to the
                  worldwide market. The main products were malleable iron pipe fittings.

1982        To expand international business, capital invested increased to NT dollars thirty

1985        To raise business profit and in response to market tendency, PAO-I entered stainless
                   steel casting screwed fittings business by increasing electric power consumption
                   rate and installing a 100KW 140KG high frequency induction furnance. For the
                   purpose of flexibility and effiency, both sand and shell mold casting have been
                   applied in manufacturing process.

1990        To meet business booming in stainless steel, PAO-I equipped with whole precision                    investment casting production line as well as increased power consumption rate
                   and installed a 200KW 300KG high frequency induction furnance.

1991         To meet high quality requirement, PAO-I purchased the whole set of precision
                    inspection equipments--spectrum meter for example.

1992         Factory Quality Assurance certificated by Lloyd's。

1994         ISO 9002 certificated.

2002         PED & AD-W0/TRD100 certificated by Tüv.

2003         ISO 9001:2000 certificated.

2005         AD 2000-Merkblatt W0/TRD100 certificated by Tüv.

2009         ISO 9001:2008 certificated.